Researcher’s Notes

Maria Aragon, July, 2021

When I began this research, I consulted the draft of your diversity and inclusion statement and saw you were citing Gay’s culturally responsive teaching. There was a comment made about Gay’s 2002 article being dated. As I started looking for and reading articles, I noticed that culturally relevant pedagogy (Ladson-Billings) and culturally sustaining pedagogy (Paris & Alim) were being cited in many references – more so than Gay. 

I’ve included a very short bibliography of some articles about these “asset pedagogies” in order to provide original sources to read and cite. I hope it gives an idea of how these different pedagogies relate to and sometimes interact with each other. There is a more recent article by Gay that I’ve included as well.  I’ve also put reference lists up as I think they are easier in getting a quick idea/view of what is included in the annotated bibliographies (less words…).

On a personal note, upon finishing this work, I reflected that in the short time between when I began this research in March up until now, teaching critical race theory has been banned in three states, with nine more states looking to pass similar legislation. So essentially this work would be considered subversive to the  law in those states. (I let that sink in.) Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the vital work you are doing as a committee.

I hope this is helpful. Any questions, please let me know.

Best, Maria

DEI Annotated Bibliography

DEI References

Asset Pedagogies Annotated Bibliography

Arts Education Advocacy & Impact Annotated Bibliography & References